Coastside Women’s Club Presents: Organized at Heart

alys milner

Last week, The Coastside Women’s Club or CWC invited me to speak about the process of getting organized. CWC is a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide social, charitable, and educational activities for the women of the San Mateo County coastal communities.  They raise funds for local charities and scholarships for Coastside […]

The Organized Kitchen: Results in Four Hours

1920's Kitchen Restored

Potential clients often ask, “How long will it take to get organized?” The answer is, “it depends.” We all work at a different pace. The organizing process energizes some people and they continue on their own at the end of a session. Others find the process emotionally difficult and tiring and need time between sessions to recoup. Making […]

Organizing Your Car Trunk

organized car trunk-006

If you work from your car, organizing your car trunk is as important as an organized office. Consider an organized system for your trunk to manage paperwork, small electronics, gym clothes, and other items used daily. Measure first, then make a newspaper template. Take that with you to the store and arrange containers to fit […]

Organizing Christmas Morning

christmas present

Everything is easier when you’re organized.  Yes, even Christmas morning. Putting one or two small things in place now, will ensure a little method to the paper unwrapping madness come Christmas day, especially if you stayed up too late wrapping gifts and drinking Santa’s special eggnog. Make a list, check it twice: Have a notepad […]

Organizing Holiday Storage: The Case of the Shrinking House


Math is not my strong point, but I suspect the following is true: Holiday decorations multiply Our capacity for storage shrinks Our homes remain static Add it all up and you have a holiday storage problem on your hands. Multiplying Tree ornaments multiply for a number of reasons.  We receive them as gifts or pick […]

Reorganizing Traditions

kitty under the tree

Another holiday season is upon us.  For some, it’s a joyful time, brought to life by family traditions. For others, the  traditions that once brought joy, create tension, sadness or frustration. I spoke to a mom over the weekend before she headed out with her family to cut down a Christmas tree.  She dreaded going. […]

Ho-Ho Hum: Too Much Stuff

Crass commercialism got you down? Buried in debt? Swimming in stuff you don’t want, need or like? You’re not alone. Year after year, consumers continue to spend, gift and re-gift merchandise out of obligation, guilt, duty or just plain habit. We receive items we can’t even describe as wedding gifts, but hang on to them […]

File Folder Fun From Office Candy

file folder travel

I’m an office supply junky.  There, I said it.  Imagine my delight when my colleague shared this wonderful site, Office Candy©: Cute Office Supplies and All Things Sassy.  Be still my heart. Though few of us love filing, it’s certainly more fun when you can take the ‘old’ out of folders and make them new […]

Holiday Mail for Heroes: Put Leftover Cards to Good Use

boxed card

If you buy boxed holiday cards every year, you invariably have cards leftover.  Perhaps you save them thinking you’ll use them the following year.  In most cases you won’t. Here is a great way to put those cards to use while spreading some holiday joy. As in prior years, American Red Cross and Pitney Bowes have […]

Organize Your Workout Gear

Work Out Gear, The Essentials

Did you commit to getting fit this year?  One way to help stick with your new plan is to get organized. I attend a 6:00 am fitness boot-camp three days a week, quite the challenge for this night owl. Organizing my workout gear the night before means I can keep my head on the pillow […]