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1920's Kitchen Restored

The Organized Kitchen: Results in Four Hours

Potential clients often ask, “How long will it take to get organized?” The answer is, “it depends.” We all work at a different pace. The organizing process energizes some people and they continue on their own at the end of a session. Others find the process emotionally difficult and tiring and need time between sessions to recoup. Making […]

organized car trunk-006

Organizing Your Car Trunk

Do you use your car as a second office or your home away from home? Consider an organized system for your trunk to manage paperwork, small electronics, gym clothes, etc. Measure first, then make a newspaper template. Take that with you to the store and arrange containers to fit your space and your needs. With […]

christmas present

Organizing Christmas Morning

Everything is easier when you’re organized.  Yes, even Christmas morning. Putting one or two small things in place now, will ensure a little method to the paper unwrapping madness come Christmas day, especially if you stayed up too late wrapping gifts and drinking Santa’s special eggnog. Make a list, check it twice: Have a notepad […]